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with an Engineer - Producer - Musician

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STUDIO 'B' has been providing production assistance to a range of Recording Artists, Filmmakers and to many Independent Recording and Performance Artists since 1984. Live performance remote-site recording as well as in studio overdub and mixing/mastering services are available.

Acclamations include Factor contribution recognition, Gold & Platinum Sales Citations


Juno Award Nominations/Winners



Nuendo Production Suite
28 Tracks of Digital Recording @ 24/96 sampling rate

Steinberg Nuendo / Sony Soundforge & Vegas / Adobe CS 

Yamaha 02R96 V2 Digital Production Console


Yamaha NS10M / YST SW315 Subwoofer
DynAudio BM6A / (surround system)

Yamaha HS50M (surround system II)
Hafler (USA) Power Amplification
Studio B is completely wired with Monster Cable Professional Series cabling


Drawmer 1961
Manley Variable MU
CBS Volumax 410 Limiter
DBX 160SL / 1531X
Yamaha HA8/Apogee Rosetta 800
AKG 414 ULS / 460 ULS / C3000 / C452 EB
Audio Technica /4047 /4060
Sennheiser 421
Shure SM57/58
Electrovoice RE20
  Two Microteck/Gefell U92.1 S
Hammond Passive DI's

Fender 5E3, Marshal JCM 600, Mesa Boogie 5:50, Orange Tiny Terror Guitar amplifiers
Yamaha DG Stomp
Yorkville Tube Hybrid Bass amplifier
Vintage Gretsch Studio Drums / assorted percussion
Kurzweil PC88 Piano/Casio FZ-1 Midi Controller/Novation Bass Station
Gibson Les Paul / PRS Santana / Fender, Musicman, Rickenbacker Basses
Gibson Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Lap Steel

Alesis D4 / Ensoniq MR / Roland D-110
Yamaha DD65 Digital drums


Sony Vegas/DVD Architect Suite/Panasonic AG DVC30/GoPro Hero 4